Peco Code 80 (Streamline)

Peco Code 80 Streamline

Peco Code 80 Stramline system is a track circuit construction system that uses flexible tracks and a wide range of deviations that provide endless possibilities to perform all types of circuits without having to stick to preset templates.

It is suitable for both analog and digital systems.

This PECO system is advisable for people who have experience in the construction of track circuits.

When using flexible tracks it is advisable to use rules for modeling them and thus be able to obtain the different radii of curved tracks. It is recommended to purchase the PECO Tracksetta rules (which can be found on our website).

All deviations are motorizable. Deviations can be found both from the "Insolfrog" model, that is, from a non-metallic heart, such as "Electrofrog", that is, from a metallic heart; the latter of more realism and greater electrical connectivity.

This system is fully compatible with Peco Code 80 Setrack.

Do not hesitate to contact us if any product of this range is not available or you do not find enough units.

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