Sevitren points program (bonus points).

Sevitren Railway Model wants to thank the trust and support that its customers place in their store. Therefore, for each purchase they make on they will receive a certain number of “bonus points” that can be exchanged for discount coupons to reduce the amount of future purchases.

How to get bonus points?

In order to enjoy the loyalty program it is necessary that they are registered as customers on our website.

For each item they buy they will receive a certain number of bonus points that will be visible on the tab of each item.

You can see the total number of bonus points accumulated in your customer account.

This system allows you to accumulate discount points that can be used to generate a coupon and redeem it in the next orders.

Visualization of the total Bonus-Points and expiration date.

To view the total bonus points, you must access as a customer, go to the “My account” option and access the “my loyalty points” section.

The bonus points expire 12 months after making the purchase.

Procedure for exchanging points for a discount voucher.

You must enter your customer account and enter the "My Loyalty Points" section. Here you will find a summary of your purchases with your points and at any time you can exchange the points for a discount voucher by pressing the option "Transform my points into a coupon". You will get the coupon code that you can redeem on your next order. This bond will have an expiration of 1 month from its generation.

Conditions of Use of the Loyalty Points Program (Bonus-points).

1.- It is necessary to be registered as a client on our website in order to access the loyalty points program “Bonus-points”.

2.- The “bonus points” are associated with a customer account and cannot be transferred to other customer accounts.

3.- “Bonus-points” cannot be exchanged for money (cash, bank transfer, card or any other means of payment).

4.- The “Bonus-points” can be exchanged for the discount coupon up to 12 months after making the purchase.

5.- The “Bonus-points” may be used once the sale is consolidated and the legal deadline for returning the product ends (see conditions of sale). Once the 14 days have elapsed from the receipt of the order, the “Bonus-points” obtained by said purchase will be validated.

6.- For the calculation of the “Bonus-points” the amounts of the shipping costs and the possible commissions derived from other operations will not be taken into account.

7.- It is only possible to apply a discount coupon per purchase.

8.- Bonus points will not be applied to the products on offer, nor may bonuses be applied to said products.

9.- Sevitren Railway Modelism reserves the right to modify the conditions of the loyalty program without express communication. However, in the event of such a change, the existing “Bonus-points” exchange conditions will be retained at the date the purchase was made. In these cases, the exchange bond will be issued with the accumulated Bonus-points at the date of change of the conversion ratio. This clause will not apply to updates to our program made at the end of each year to update the Consumer Price Index.