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Transport companies associated with Sevitren Railway Model

The package delivery service by Sevitren Railway Model will be carried out through the following companies:

a)   Courier company Ontime Logística Integral, a national company with the largest catalog of personalized services on the market and covering the entire courier logistics process. For more information about the courier company you can check their website https://www.ontime.es/

This option may be used for shipments to Portugal.

b)     Correos (State Society of Post and Telegraphs). For more information about Correos you can check their website https://www.correos.es/

This option may be used for shipments to European Union countries and for other countries.

In the case of sending through Correos, this will always be done in the form of certified mail, thus ensuring the arrival of the same to the recipient.

The customer, in case of sending by Correos, will have a tracking number to know at all times the status of their shipment and its tracking, accessing the website of the company.

Types of shipments:

Sevitren Railway Model offers the following shipping method:

Standard shipping: International shipments for shipments to Portugal, other European Union countries and for shipments to other countries in the world.

The following table details the standard shipping methods and the applicable rates in each case:

Shipments to Portugal

9,00 euros

10,00 euros

Shipments to other countries of the European Union


19,00 euros

Shipments to United Kindom


25,00 euros

Shipments to Swiss


30,00 euros

Shipments to other countries


35,00 euros

Delivery times

a)   Ontime Integral Logistics courier company. Delivery times, once the order is confirmed and paid, if applicable, are detailed below:

Shipments to Portugal

48/72 horas

In case of absence of your address or established place of delivery, you will proceed, by the courier company Ontime Logística Integral to make two new delivery attempts, at no additional cost. Both the second and the third delivery will be agreed between the courier company and the customer to arrange the delivery at the time that best suits the customer.

If all three attempts are made and these are unsuccessful, the customer must pay the shipping costs.

With this methodology Sevitren Railway Model is committed to ensuring that orders always arrive at the hands of the customer in a reliable manner and without the possibility of loss.

b)   Correos Company (State Postal and Telegraph Society). The delivery times, once the order is confirmed and paid, as well as the conditions of said deliveries will be those established by said company.

All shipments will be made by registered mail, thus ensuring their effective delivery.